Check this out!! You get PIYO for FREE TODAY when you purchase it with Shakeology. YEP! You essentially get to join my up coming challenge group for FREE with a $10 rebate and here is how…

1. Today is the very last day to order in time for the PiYo Challenge Group
2. Today is your VERY LAST DAY to get the PIYO program for FREE with Shakeology

Shakeology is the healthiest meal of the day and it replaces 1 meal a day at $4.35 a meal! For lunch… you are getting a great deal, and a ton of bang for your buck as this covers the gas it takes you to get to McDonald’s, Wendy’s Taco Bell, you name it (we all know you do it, don’t lie ;)), the cost of your lunch, and the cost of your vitamins. Shakeology is awesome!! A meal that tastes like chocolate cake batter or a killer fruit smoothie or any way you can think of!!

Not to mention you will receive:
– a dialed in meal plan
– me as your coach
– and several other ladies on this same mission as you!!

SO ACT NOW!! Just message me and I’ll tell you how!!



BIG AMAZING NEWS!!! I am taking 10 women or men if interested on for my PIYO challenge group. This is limited as the price is drastically decreased and I’m only taking on a few people.

Many of people are wondering what in the world is Piyo??!! Well this program is low impact, therapeutic, all while giving you a killer total body burn. This program is perfect if you want to create long, lean muscles without putting tons of pressure on your joints. I know I have some knee trouble and I CAN’T WAIT TO START!

So I’m opening up 10 spots for Liz’s Piyo challenge group. I honestly want to see who is dedicated and what kind of results we can achieve together!! I have done Shaun T Focus T25 and LOVE IT!!! I have lost over 21 inches with Shaun T. So my next obstacle PIYO BABY!!!


What is the commitment for a PiYo Challenge Group?

– Follow the class schedule; workouts range from 25 to 45 minutes per day
-Drink Shakeology® daily
– Follow the Get Lean Eating Plan
– Total of 60 days
-Take photos and measurements on Day 1, 30, and 60
-Engage with your Coach (ME YES LIZ) and group on Facebook; share how you are feeling and encourage others to reach their goals

Again only 10 challengers. We get started July 7. Comment below or message me now! If you know someone who wants to join tag them!! LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!!! WHO’S IN??

New body

So here is the deal, for this month only Beachbody brought the price back down by $95!!! This is insane and should be taken advantage of! I was totally inspired and decided to put together a Challenge Group! Here is what you can expect:

1. 30 minute daily workouts that will work your entire body in 25 minutes
2. A shopping list and meal plan from me to follow along with the meal plan within the program.
3. A 30 day supply of the super dense dose of daily nutrition Shakeology. (my favorite meal of the day)
4. Support from a one on one accountability partner.
5. An accountability group of 10 other people on the same mission as you !!
6. Of course me as your coach to guide you every step of the way.

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